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How Clean is Your Glass?
Dirty glass can reflect badly on your business, they can also make the inside clean rooms look untidy. Our dedicated cleaning team is capable of taking care of all your window & glass care needs.

We are flexible and able to call on a Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Twice-A-Year or Annually basis,
or just an one off. We welcome any other interval between cleans. We can also call on a Emergency basis.
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Using the latest in Window Cleaning technology we can clean your windows up to heights of 60 ft from the safety of the ground.

We are embracing this technology for several reasons;

1). Better cleaning results.
2). Health and safety.
3). Environmentally friendly.
4). Reduced disturbance.
5). Increased privacy.
6). Windows will stay cleaner.
7). Cleaner Frames.
8). Accessibility.
Exterior Windows
Interior Windows
UPVC Frame Restore
Interior window cleaning is just as important as Exterior Window Cleaning, you do not want the insides spoiling the outside. Our dedicated window cleaning team can also maintain your interior glass. Using the best quality materials and suitable access equipment we can clean the most tricky of spots in your interior. We can clean the insides of your windows and glass partitions, From a splash of coffee to the left-behind adhesive from stickers we will get your interior windows sparkling.
Using the correct techniques we can eliminate unsightly black marks and moss off your Upvc
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Mention Handyman Window Cleaning Services

Simply Misted Windows is a new venture started by Ashley Evans. Simply Misted Window concentrates on replacing misted up and broken down double glazed units. They are based in Uplands, Swansea but work all over South Wales. With a great supplier network and being specifically set up to handle double glazed units they can offer the best price, best quality and most efficient service in the market.



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Misted Windows